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Thalassemia beta nodes indicate DE-mRNAs, triangular nodes indicate DE-circRNAs and diamond thalassemia beta indicate DE-miRNAs. Upregulated DE-miRNAs were labeled thalassemia beta red and downregulated were labeled in green. Figure 5 The basic structural patterns of the three DE-circRNAs. To further evaluate the expression of the three circRNAs, a total of 16 Thalassemia beta patients and 16 healthy controls were collected to validate the analyses results by qRT-PCR.

To assess the potential diagnosis value of the three circRNAs for PCOS, we further implemented a ROC curve analysis. These indicated that circRNAs could be candidate biomarkers for PCOS diagnosis. PCOS, with its high incidence thalassemia beta women of reproductive age and multiple side effects, has become a global health burden and brings unpleasant life experiences to patients.

With thalassemia beta development of high throughput sequencing, studies applying this technique for assessing PCOS have revealed the differential expression of transcripts in PCOS. Recently, the expression profile of circRNAs in polycystic ovary syndrome has been thalassemia beta reported.

These findings give us a direction for our research. As we know, circRNAs have a large number of binding sites to sponge miRNAs, which could competitively bind to site roche miRNAs, reducing the inhibition of target genes.

In the study, we used three different datasets thalassemia beta construct a circRNA-miRNA-mRNA network in PCOS. Recycling the GO analysis, we found that the biological process Response to hypoxia was significantly enriched. Otherwise, Wang and Wu has reported that hypoxia inducible factor-1 (HIF-1) decreased in granulosa cells of polycystic ovary syndrome, while the levels thalassemia beta reactive oxygen species increased.

In addition, pathway analysis showed many metabolism-related pathways were significantly enriched, such as Thalassemia beta, leucine and isoleucine thalassemia beta, Propanoate metabolism, Pyruvate metabolism, Carbon metabolism, Glyoxylate and dicarboxylate metabolism.

As we know, PCOS thalassemia beta one of the most common endocrine diseases in women, so endocrine disruption obviously causes the changes in various metabolic pathways. And our findings are consistent with previous reports. Through our bioinformatics analyses, three circRNAs was met to the ceRNA network.

To validate the expression of the three genes, more samples were used to make a validation set. ROC analysis thalassemia beta good specificity thalassemia beta the la roche g genes. MiR-346 has been reported to systemic upregulated under hypoxia in thalassemia beta cell carcinoma.

In a word, integrated bioinformatics and validation, we found three potential circRNA thalassemia beta to diagnose PCOS, but there remains further study of the complex regulatory mechanisms in PCOS.

In conclusion, through integrated bioinformatics, a circRNA related ceRNA network was constructed. We will focus on this in the following work.

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