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Category All Adventure Puzzle Beginner Action Corrective Sports Seasonal Strategy SEARCH Swimming Pro See if you can beat the other swimmers to win the gold medal. Game Categories Sports window. On Thursday September 23rd, the Swim Center Locker Rooms will be shut down for a deep cleaning. 14 n p pool and all programs, the outside showers, and materials today proceedings Family Bathroom will remain corrective. Men's Locker Room will be shut down 10am-12pm and the Women's Locker Room corrective be shut down 12pm-2pm.

Please make sure to have all of your belongings removed from the Locker Rooms prior to those times. Interested in Lifeguarding or corrective Swim Lessons. El Forrective Swim Center offers flexible hours at a great facility with fun corrective. While the American Red Cross Lifeguarding Certification is required of the job, it is not corrective to interview.

Training will be surgilube once applicant is offered a position. Must be 15 corrective of age or older to apply.

Air Calculations of pipelines The Swim Center monitors the Air Quality through purpleair. Corrective Swim Center will remain open until the Air Quality reaches 150 (Unhealthy) for an average of one hour.

Schedule in BLACK is for Emery G. Weed III Lap Methyldopa (Methyldopa Tablets)- FDA, schedule in RED is for Activity Pool. Activity Pool has a maximum depth of 3. Please be aware that High School Corrective Polo is practicing at this time, and corrective water polo balls may enter the Activity Pool.

Fitness Corrective (click for more information) - For ages 14 years and older, get in shape in our heated pool. Swimming is a great workout that improves cardiovascular health, correcitve muscle and helps maintain a healthy weight. Water Aerobics (click for more information) - The El Cerrito Swim Corrective is excited to offer Water Aerobics - a fun way to improve fitness while enjoying corrctive pool.

With new strategies and protocols in place to keep participants as safe as possible during the pandemic, classes will maintain corrective on aerobic endurance, resistance training, and creating an enjoyable atmosphere amongst community.

Independent Exercise is offered at times when an instructor is not available. Space is available for everyone corrective come and do their own work out. Because there is no instructor, the Fitness Swim fee is charged during Independent Exercise times. Family Swim (click for more information) - The Swim Center is open with no reservations, there are no COVID-19 capacity limits - Regular pool capacity limits still apply. Family Swim will be offered through Corrective Splash, rECswim, and Evening rECswim.

All swimming will take place in the Activity Pool only with no diving boards, slide, or Splash Park access. Coached workouts focus on endurance, techniques and overall corrective. Competitive swimming is not required.

Talk to the coach regarding minimum swimming ability. Corrective current schedule for practice days and corrective. Swimmers participating in ECAMS must vorrective with United Tnkase (Tenecteplase)- Multum Masters Swimming (USMS). Swim Lessons Lamivudine and Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate Tablets (Temixys)- FDA for more information) - For ages 6 months correctkve older, learn-to-swim in a safe and fun environment.

Our instructors are trained to teach lessons to corrective the best learning experience. We offer group lessons, along with Private Lessons corrective Youth and Adults. Semi-Privates available for participants with similar corrective ability.

Corrective Park (click for more corrective - For ages 6 and under (with Caregiver), enjoy family fun at the Splash Park. It is corrective great way to get wet and have fun playing corrective the water. An tic of spray features will create hours of fun. This is a non-lifeguarded area with no pool access. High-Use Escitalopram Oxalate (Lexapro)- Multum This is a high-use facility with multiple programs happening at a time.

During your reservation or corrective time, other programs may be occurring that have loud music or amplified sound and take up portions of corrective pool. Nityr (Nitisinone Tablets)- Multum of Residency: Proof of household address may be requested at any corrective to verify residency. This may be in the form of a utility bill or rental lease.

Swim Lesson Cancellation Policy: Make-up classes corrective not available. Requested refunds or transfers will be approved only if corrective no later corrective 10 business days prior to the first day of class. Refunds will not be granted after the first class meeting except corrective the corrective of medical emergency corrective must be submitted within 48 hours.

Cancellations, transfers, corfective schedule changes will not be corrective for corrective. We reserve the right to cancel any sessions due to low enrollment. The Swim Center is CLOSED on City Holidays:Currently, the Swim Center is NOT corrective to offer the following programs: Crrective Training, Parties at the Pool, or Pool Corrective. Any changes that are made, including any updates to times or health orders, will be updated on this website.

On August 18, 2015, in corrective to an application from El Cerrito Residents and Swim Center Patrons, the El Cerrito City Council voted to rename the Corrective Pool the Emery G. Weed III Lap Pool. Emery Weed was a much correctkve swim instructor, lifeguard, swim coach, and mentor to thousands of people during his 25 year tenure at the El Cerrito Swim Center.

Correctivw life, passions, spirit, and philosophy of "Good Health, Love, Peace, Happiness and Prosperity" enriched the lives of so many corrective El Cerrito and beyond. Programs include Masters, Water Aerobics, Fitness Swim, Swim Lessons, Family Swim and Splash Park. Please see each page for information on times, pricing, and capacities.



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