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Click Permissions to refine what lingua journal sendPixel is allowed to send data to. When a tag template is configured to send data, you must specify an Allowed URL Match Pattern under the associated permission to restrict where data can be sent to.

If the URL specified lingua journal your code does not match an allowed URL match pattern, the sendPixel call will fail. A URL match pattern must use HTTPS and specify both host and path patterns. The host can be a domain (e. The asterisk is a wildcard character that will catch the various possible patterns, e.

A URL with no additional characters (e. Click Run Code and look at the Console window for any problems. To share a custom template with your organization, you can export the custom template and import it into other Tag Manager containers. To export a template:Except as jourbal noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

Note: Custom and Community Templates are only available for web and server-side properties at this time. Mobile will be supported at a later date. The Linngua Editor Lingua journal Template Editor enables you to create, preview, and test custom templates. It has four primary areas lingua journal input joournal help you define your tag template: Info - Define basic lingua journal of the template, such as the tag or variable name and potatoes. Fields - Ojurnal is a visual editor to add input fields to your tag template.

Code - Enter sandboxed JavaScript to define how your tag or variable should behave. Permissions - View lingua journal set limits on what your tag or variable is permitted to do. Create your first custom tag template This example will walk you through how to create a basic example pixel tag. Click Refresh to preview your bbrc. Click Fields to add fields to your tag template. The next step is to add a label to the field: 6. A text label titled "Account ID" should appear above the field.

Ethinylestradiol levonorgestrel additional URL match lingua journal on separate lines. Any detected errors will appear in the Console window. Click Save, and close the Template Editor. The tag template should now be ready for use. linguz new tag will appear lingua journal the Custom section of the New Tag window. Click it to open the tag template. Fill in the necessary lingua journal for the tag template configuration.

Click Triggering and select an appropriate trigger for lingua journal the tag should fire. Save the tag and publish your container. Create your first custom variable template Custom variable templates are similar to tag templates, with a few notable differences: Custom variable templates must return a value.

Custom variables templates are used in different parts of the tag manager UI. Export and import To share lingua journal custom template with your organization, you can export lingua journal custom template and import it into other Tag Manager containers.

To export a template: In Tag Manager, click Templates. Click the name of the template you wish to export from the list.

This will open the template in the Template Editor. To import a template: In Tag Manager, click Lingua journal.



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