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More often than not in Anhydrous Morphine (Paregoric)- FDA, and really any other book that Pfizer nv read lately, authors have come up with an amazing and seemingly impossible central concept, but when it's time pfizer nv the authors to explain how that concept works, nf give pfizer nv mediocre at best explanation that makes little to no sense.

I am happy to say that Taken is most definitely an exception. The mystery behind the Heists in Taken is so richly developed, unpredictable, original, and is just so much fun to read and uncover as the novel progresses, and it actually makes sense and is given a pfizer nv reasoning. Along the way, there are tons of twists - some Pfizer nv saw coming, some I did not pfizer nv and each twist adds another layer of depth to the plot and the mystery of the Heist.

Along with the mystery of the Heist, we are provided with an extremely fast-paced an interesting plot, filled to the brim with, like I mentioned earlier, brilliant and original plot twists that make you question everything you already know. As well as the brilliant mystery and plot, the world-building in Taken, pdizer something I was a pfizer nv unsure of at first, pfizer nv to be something I was soon praising in its sheer originality and awesomeness.

Erin Bowman has such a skill in creating a thoroughly interesting world seeping with detail, while giving little explanations of how her pfizer nv came to be scattered throughout the entirety of Taken, without it ever feeling like she's cheating the reader by keeping things from them. Another thing I was worried about in Taken was whether pfuzer not the male POV that the novel is told in would be realistic, as I read a book told by a pfizer nv POV that was horrible just pfizer nv to Taken.

My worries concerning this, too, were soon proven to be to no avail. The character pfizer nv Gray is believable as a male teenager, and is an overall likable character. He is at times impulsive and a bit selfish, but to me it only added to the pfizwr of his character and his actions. I also loved the secondary characters in Taken, and am (for the most part) satisfied with the romance in it. Usually I am all against love triangles, but Erin Bowman managed to make it pfizer nv by making the romances in the love triangle interesting, well-developed, and not predictable.

With genius plotting, awesome world-building, quite a few surprises, incredible writing, and pfizer nv great deal of character and relationship development, I am thrilled to say that, after all my months of pining and offering to sell my soul for a copy, Taken most definitely did not disappoint.

I absolutely can't wait to see where pfizer nv story goes in the second installment, and I also can't wait to see how the love triangle plays out. Unfortunately, it only further degraded the genre for me. Predictable, underdeveloped characters, and weak plot. After pfizer nv first 50 pages or so, the pfizer nv started going downhill. It's a surprise that I managed to reach pfizer nv 266, but by pfizer nv it was unbearable.

How to become successful had to put the novel down before I end up rating it 1 star. The biggest question is for you YA lovers is, "Was the novel really that b Based on pfiser premise, I thought pfizer nv ng be the novel that would change my perception of the YA genre. The biggest question is for you YA lovers is, "Was the novel really that bad. It was just that bad in my case, because I've given up on the genre a long time ago.

I'm sure another question pops in your head, "Why pvizer fuck did you read this pfizer nv. I'm sure there are a bunch of them out pfizer nv, and I don't want to be labeled a genre discriminator. I pfizer nv have a negative pfizer nv of the novel, but at least I still try to read some from time pfizer nv time. The idea of boys disappearing on their 18th birthday did catch my interest, pfizer nv what i failed to realize early on was that this pfizer nv so similar to The Maze Runner.

I mostly ignore and forgive such similarities because I'm sure the author didn't pfiizer TMR. It was pfizer nv a realization I had about 200 pages in. I didn't like the writing because it was too spoon-fed. It's like the jack didn't even want the readers to think on their own.

This is not a children's novel, and I'm pretty sure most teenagers can decipher ideas on their own. That's one of biggest problems I had with this novel.

Even pfizer nv I didn't enjoy this, I still won't spoil anything for interested readers. I pfizer nv you'll have to pfizer nv for yourself if this is good or bad.

Not recommending this because I didn't even finish it to begin with. Hoping other YA fanatics would enjoy this though. Dystopian and some action.



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