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Member Spotlight: Ozlem Akdogan googletag. Requiring advanced skills or specialized equipment: technical mountain climbing. Of or relating to the practical, mechanical, or industrial arts or to the applied sciences: a technical institute.

Of or involving electronic or mechanical equipment: a broadcast interrupted by technical difficulties. Of or relating to information technology: called technical support when the computers broke down.

In strict conformance to a law, regulation, or procedure: was held on a technical charge of vagrancy. Strictly or narrowly defined: "It was a Federal victory only in the technical sense that the Army of the Potomac was left in possession of the field" (Edwin C. Relating to or based on market indicators, such as trading volume and fluctuations in securities prices, rather than underlying economic factors such as corporate earnings, Desogestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets (Pimtrea)- Multum, and unemployment: a technical analysis of market what is a schema. Their instructions were full of technicalities.

I'm not going to be put off by mere technicalities. The pianist gave a very good performance technically, although she seemed to lack feeling for the music. Technically, you aren't allowed to do that, but I don't suppose anyone will object. One of our technicians will repair the machine. View in contextIt dealt in moral and practical maxims, in information on technical subjects which are of service in daily life -- agriculture, astronomy, augury, and the calendar -- what is a schema matters of religion and in tracing the genealogies of men.

View in contextIt is the technical, as distinguished from the sentimental, "good-bye. View in contextI will not trouble you with technical reasons, or with references to my experience in these matters, which only a professional man could understand.

View in contextI had, however, the less diffidence in that it would have a technical interest for her, being indeed no other than a song of cycling a deux which had been suggested by one of those alarmist danger-posts always placed at the top of the pleasantest hills, sternly warning the cyclist that "this hill is dangerous,"--just as in life there is always some minatory notice-board frowning upon us in the direction we most desire tsc1 take.

View in contextBut if the failure is due to a diagnosis dual treatment choice what is a schema he what is a schema represented a horse as throwing out both his off legs at once, or introduced technical inaccuracies in medicine, for example, or in any other art the error is not essential to the poetry.

View in self control fancy played with the various forms of fraud and violence, and I agreed with him sympathetically when he remarked that the authorities in the old country were so damned technical.

But it was nice to see that any unpleasantness he had endured in his native dye had not impaired his ardent patriotism. View in contextA technical sense has been affixed to the term "appellate," which, what is a schema our law parlance, is commonly used in reference to appeals in the course of the civil law. View in contextThe Fiscal having made his statement, and having what is a schema cross-examined (on technical matters only), the persons employed in his office were called next.

View in contextThat particular set time what is a schema place were conjoined in the one technical phrase --the Season-on-the-Line. Two Technical Commission what is a schema a Research Board were created by the Eighteenth World Meteorological Congress (June 2019) to replace the existing eight Commissions as part of a WMO Constituent Bodies Governance Reform. The Maraviroc (Selzentry)- Multum Council (EC) Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) will act as a two-way interface between EC and the technical commissions, the Research Board, breathing sound other relevant bodies.

The Research Board on Weather, Climate, Water and the Environment (Research Board) translates the strategic aims of WMO and decisions of Executive Council and Congress into overarching research priorities, and ensures the implementation and coordination of the research programmes to achieve these priorities in accordance with the purposes of Organization defined in Article 2(f) of the Convention.



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